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मेकअप फोटोग्राफी

The quality and creativity of your makeup portrait photos influence the number of potential clients you have. If you are just a beginner, follow my makeup photography tips to make your photos look awesome.

Improve Your Knowledge About Makeup Photography

This type of portraiture that aims to emphasize the beauty of the model’s face. Professional hairdressing and cosmetics are used to get brilliant results. They help demonstrate the model’s natural beauty and individual sty.

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The right facial expressions can make your close-ups look joyful, mysterious, or thought-provoking. A subtle eyebrow movement can turn a curious expression into a suspicious one. A shy smile can make a dull portrait look exciting.

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Make Your Model’s Face Stand Out With Makeup or Face Paint.

Take Face Close Ups Using a Zoom Lens.

Use a Large Aperture for a Softer Focus.

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Use Natural Side Light to Make Every Close Up Look Flattering.


Use Natural lighting Whenever Possible


Natural light is the best solution to such mishaps. Natural lighting is considered the best for makeup photography to accentuate every part of the makeup.  Always try to shoot in the open spaces where the light is most available. If you’re shooting indoors, then it is better to shoot in front of the largest window. You can use a diffuser or a shower curtain to diffuse the light.

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Keep the Shades Darker so the Makeup doesn’t look faded


What we see in real life looks very different when captured in the camera. With lighting, lenses, and angles, the makeup that you can see live may fade away in your images.

Hence, I prefer that you keep the colors of your makeup bold or keep its shades twice darker as compared to the original. This will make sure that your model still looks like wearing makeup despite all the lighting and editing

Use the Foundation that is Light and Matches the Skin tone


The base of every makeup is the foundation. If your foundation is heavy, then it may appear cakey on the skin. Your foundation should be so light that it easily blends after the application.

Try using Fake Lashes to Elevate the look of the eyes


Using fake eyelashes can overly add charm to the whole look. It automatically makes the eyes look bigger and impactful making your makeup photography look alluring and luscious.

Don’t forget the rest of the part that’ll show in the image


The neck, ears, and shoulders are equally important to be taken care of. Make sure that you put all the base skin products all over these parts too to make them look even. Covering just the face and not the other parts can highly ruin your photos.

Use the compact powder to avoid the oily and sweaty look


Make sure that the compact powder you are using is either translucent or matching the complexion of the look. Also, do not use too much of it as it may give you a matt and cakey look too.

Use a reflector to get rid of dark circles


Use the reflector from the opposite angle from which the light is falling on the face of the model. You may consider using an immense amount of concealer, but that can make your model’s eyes look puffy and still give an ‘overly makeup’ look.

Retouch and freshen up the look


This will keep your model look fresh throughout the photoshoot. This will not keep your model comfortable and confident during her shoot, but it’ll also make your makeup photography bold and beautiful.


Makeup photography is a beautiful way to express your perception of the colors and beauty of the features that your models possess.


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