Stylish pose idea for girls in rajputi dress

Stylish pose idea for girls in rajputi dress- When we think of a rich family, one name that comes to mind is “Rajputana”. The word Rajput comes from Rajputana, which means “son of kings (son of the soil).” “Rajput” identifies several Kshatriya or warrior castes in northern and western India, and their women wear Rajput costumes to represent the culture.

Gota Patti Rajputi Dress is a very popular Rajasthani dress that is currently gaining popularity among other communities.
rajputi dress and accessories

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An attractive Rajputi dress is a combination of Kanchi, Kurti, and Ghagra-

Rajputi Dress – Kanchali

  • Kanchi is an elbow-sleeved blouse, which is worn under a Kurti.

Rajputi Dress – Kurti

  • Kurti is a sleeveless dress that covers the body from the neckline to the waist. Rajput women wear both Kurti and Panchali together.

Rajputi Dress – Ghagra

  • The ghagra, which Rajput women wear under their Kurti, is the most opulent component of the dress. From Rajputi dress exquisite gotta-Patti, zari zardozi, ghagra with tara and Kundan work are available.

Rajputi Dress – Odhni

  • Odhani is a shiny dupatta that can be worn with any outfit. Pure Odhani, Semi-Pure Odhani, and Cotton Odhani are examples of many varieties of Odhani.

Cotton Odhni can be worn for everyday functions or looks good with light work over attire. Pure and semi-pure odhani is worn over the dress with adequate design.

Rajasthani traditional dress, also known as Rajputi Poshak, is a true blend of culture and tradition that adds elegance and beauty to your appearance. At Rajputi Poshak Jaipur, you will find a wide choice of stunning designs at affordable prices.

Stylish pose idea for girls in rajputi dress