Top 10 Travel Destination In India

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India has always been the center of attraction for tourists from all over the world for its diversity in its culture and natural beauty. While states like Goa are known for its seaside beauty, Kerala and Kashmir are known for their natural beauty. Apart from this, Kanyakumari has a different spiritual charm.

Let us see which are the Top 10 tourist centers of India-

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1. Agra

Agra has always been a major tourist attraction because of the historical building Taj Mahal. Guests coming to India for diplomatic relations also come to see it. Apart from the Taj Mahal in Agra, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar’s Tomb, Rambagh and Sikandar’s Fort are some of the places of interest. If you want to get acquainted with the history of the city, then you must visit one of the wonderful monuments. Most of the Mughals have ruled here, so there are many buildings built by the Mughals, which have been mentioned in the Mahabharata as Agravena.

Agra History
Agra was an ancient city from the time of Mahabharata. Sultan Sikandar Lodi, the Muslim ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, founded Agra in 1504. The Mughal emperor Babur made Agra his capital in 1526. Babur made Agra proud by building a grand monument in this era. The most important among them was the Taj Mahal, which was built by Shah Jahan as the mausoleum of his wife Mumtaz Mahal and today this monument is known to the world as his love.


Kashmir is famous all over the world for its vibrant beauty. Srinagar, Gulmarg, Daljheel, Nagin Lake, Pari Mahal and Pahalgam are some of the places of interest in Kashmir. It holds a different place among tourists for its picturesque valleys and villages situated on the mountains. It attracts many thousands of Indian and foreign tourists and pilgrims every year due to its natural beauty and its main religious places like: Amarnath and Vaishno Mata Temple. Apart from this, it is also popular as a center for various adventure sports for tourists.


Goa is the smallest state in India which is known for its sea beach. The seafood, water sports here make it a place of enjoyment. Alona Fort, Goa Museum, Chapora Fort are other tourist attractions located here. You can go to Goa for a holiday anytime. The peak season in Goa is from October to January. During this time there is a lot of crowd here, mainly during New Year’s time. From common man to celebrity, everyone goes here to celebrate New Year. The atmosphere here is worth seeing on New Year’s Eve, the New Year here is famous all over the world. In this peak season, the rates here start touching the sky, staying, eating and drinking becomes very expensive at this time. Those who cannot go in this peak season, they can enjoy Goa in monsoon. There is also a special discount in the monsoon season between June and September, so that you can enjoy Goa at a reasonable price.


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Kanyakumari is also known as Cape Comorin. Here the waters of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal meet. The sunset view seen from here is mesmerizing. The city of Kanyakumari has been a symbol of art, culture and civilization for centuries. It also has its own importance as a tourist destination of India.

5.Jaipur and Udaipur

Jaipur and Udaipur located in Rajasthan are known for their artistic and architectural beauty.

Jaipur- A city in which facilities are available for everyone from upper strata to lower strata. This city, famous for its cultural heritage and ancient Hindu architecture, is still well developed and well maintained. Even today, tourists come to see the old Jaipur built inside the wall of this city, but with the passage of time some new buildings have remained so beautiful. Situated outside the boundary wall of the old city, Jaipur has wide roads, shopping malls, multiplexes, multi-storey buildings and beautiful large gardens. Every tourist visiting Jaipur gets to see ancient buildings, beautiful natural places as well as some modern buildings in this city and its surrounding areas. There are many wonderful and beautiful tourist places in and around Jaipur which the tourist visiting here needs at least a week’s time to visit.

Udaipur- Udaipur city of Rajasthan state of India is a very famous and big city. It is the historical capital of the kingdom of Mewar in the former Rajputana Agency. Maharana Udai Singh discovered this city in 1553, and made Udaipur his capital instead of Chittorgarh. When the British came to power in 1818, it remained the capital. After the capital in 1947, Mewar was made a part of Rajasthan. Udaipur is a very popular tourist destination, it is famous all over the world for its history, culture, beautiful places and Rajput palaces. According to a magazine in 2009, Udaipur has been called the best city in the world. The hospitality here is famous all over the world. People from all over the country and abroad go to see the beauty and culture of Udaipur. Here there are many palaces, places of the Royal Mewar family, where people go for sightseeing. These Royal Palaces have been converted into many hotels today, in which one can also stay. The Lake Palace in Udaipur is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There is also the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, which is considered a fine example of architecture.


If you are looking for a place for your vacation, where you get a serene environment with spectacular natural views, where you feel refreshed, both your body and soul feel calm, then such a place is the only one in India. is Kerala. Considering the beauty of Kerala, it is called the country of God. Kerala is a place where any kind of holiday can be spent, honeymoon, vacation, holiday, family trip, anything can be done here. If it is in the middle of the sea shore, then there is also a high mountain, whose beauty can be mesmerized. Kerala has huge coconut plantations, it is the land of elephants and the land of rich culture and traditions. Many people come here every year from all over the world. Kerala is a state in the country of India, which was formed on 1 November 1956. Its capital is Thiruvananthapuram.

One of the most prosperous and educated states of India, Kerala is also known for its mesmerizing beauty. Boating in the lush green beauty and rivers spread here has its own pleasure.


Our country is the political capital of India – Delhi and that is why it is famous. But it is not that this is the only reason for its popularity. The history of India is associated with Delhi. Many stories of the rule of ancient kings, emperors are related to this Delhi and if we talk about the present, then no matter where you look, you will definitely find something that will be connected to Delhi. You will be amazed to see what you see and your eyes will stay on that side. Whether it is the political corridors of Delhi or business news, the bitter winter of Delhi or the delicious dishes found here. You will also find so many places to visit here that you cannot even imagine and the best part is that there are also options available for you to visit here.

That is, the places you are interested in seeing, such as – you want to visit religious places or are fond of seeing ancient buildings, are fond of food or want to see a politician; According to your mind, you can roam around here and then that’s why it is called –: Dil Walon Ki Delhi.

Delhi is the economic center of India as well as the capital of the country. Tourists come throughout the year to see the India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Jama Masjid and Qutub Minar located here.


Darjeeling is called the capital of mountains which is situated at 2134 meters above sea level. It is known all over the world for the tea gardens located here. Darjeeling is a world famous tourist destination. Which is not only famous in India but it is considered a beautiful tourist destination all over the world. The beauty of the tourist place of Darjeeling seems less than we do. Here we can see very beautiful heart touching views. Pleasant winds blow here. Which comes to us by touching the beautiful plains here. These cool-cold winds make us feel very pleasant. Darjeeling’s snowy hills, and colorful flower beds make the heart comfortable. The views of the snow falling on the hill, and the natural beauty of this place, as if it settles in our hearts like heaven.


If you want to visit a city that has the feel of old-fashioned with grand palaces, unique temples, huge gardens, then you are at the right place. You will find it all in Mysore. Mysore, famous for its sandalwood production along with traditional painting, silk and perfumery, has its own charm. In Mysore, you can visit the city’s famous forts and colorful markets. Everywhere in the city you will find forts and old palaces which are still gleaming.

Mysore is the cultural capital of Karnataka which is known for its palaces. The Mysore palace located here is world famous, this palace is also known as ‘Amba Villa’. About 2.7 million tourists visit this palace every year.

10.Ajanta Ellora

Situated in the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, these rock-cut sculptures are a wonderful example of Buddhist religious art. The temples built in stone caves here amaze tourists with their beauty.



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