Top-13 Monsoon Special Places in the World

Canada  The Land of Niagara Fall

Indonesia A Heaven in the Indian Ocean

The monsoons are the perfect time to visit this beautiful cluster of islands, Indonesia.  

Greece  Where You Breathe History and Colour

Mexico Forests Filled with Exotic Wildlife

Germany  Poets, Scientists, Beer, History and Colour

France  Love Floats in the Air

Spain La Fallas and La Tomatina and Everything in Between

Turkey  Where the European and Oriental Merge

Pattaya, Thailand  The City of Nightclubs, Beaches and High Rise Condo

Iceland The Home of the Majestic Northern Light

Colombia Latte, Architecture, and Arepa

Kerala, India

The Happiest City in the World

Nairobi, Kenya  The Charm and Architecture of the Bright Colonial Time