Budget Trips in India: Cheap Places to Visit in India


If you are a religiously inclined tourist, then Rishikesh can turn out to be one of the cheapest places to visit in India. Its history is inextricably linked with the epic Ramayana, the 'Yoga Rajdhani', as it is popularly known, is a much-coveted destination for religious pilgrimages.


Contrary to popular belief, a trip to the south doesn't burn a hole in one's wallet. If holidays are timed well, Alleppey can be one of the best budget trips in India. Of course, the backwaters are the biggest attraction here, but an economical way to explore them would be to book a boat trip instead of staying overnight in a houseboat.


The city of towering forts, Jaipur is one of the most amazing low-budget tourist destinations in India. Although Jaipur is widely known for its havelis and palatial stays, there are also plenty of Treebo hotels, guesthouses and homestays to choose from. Moreover, the forts and palaces charge only nominal fees from domestic travellers, making sightseeing a super pocket friendly affair.


Nestled in the mountains of the North East, Meghalaya can be one of the cheapest places to visit in India. A common haunt for backpackers, the hill stations here are ready to welcome solo and budget travelers. Shared accommodation facilities are common throughout the state, although camps are also preferable.


Although it is known for its royal residences, a pocket-friendly trip to Udaipur is definitely a possibility. And it won't even involve compromising on one's accommodation, as many mansions and lakeside resorts rent out rooms at budget rates.


Nestled on the slopes of the Lesser Himalayas, Darjeeling is one of the most beautiful affordable places to visit in India. The itinerary in the small hill station would essentially include a colonial toy train ride, watching the sunset at Tiger Hills and a visit to the Japanese Peace Pagoda, all of which are either free or require a nominal fee.


Hill stations are one of the cheapest places to visit in India and Kasol is no exception. To make your trip here as cost-effective as possible, it would be advisable to book a homestay or hostel instead of going to traditional resorts.


Although a trip to Pondicherry is generally considered very expensive, if planned carefully it can prove to be one of the cheapest places to visit in India. The most economical way to travel to the city is by rail, although frequent buses are also available connecting Pondicherry to neighboring cities.


As a tourist destination, Goa remains popular among international and domestic tourists throughout the year. If planned well, Goa can become one of the cheapest places to visit in India. The city boasts a bohemian vibe, and offers plenty of Air BnBs and homestays to choose from for budget travelers.


Despite being a great trip in itself, it can be an ideal alternative to other hill stations in Uttarakhand. Staying and visiting Nainital is comparatively much less expensive than its sister cities, making it one of the cheapest places to visit in India. Standard hotels and homestays are popular among budget travelers, and are also quite easy to reach.

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