Famous Tourist Places To Visit In Darjeeling In September

दार्जिलिंग, भारत के सबसे प्रसिद्ध पहाड़ी शहरों में से एक, बर्फीली और शक्तिशाली हिमालय की चोटियों, मठों, घुमावदार पैदल मार्गों, मोमोज़, चाय बागानों और टॉय ट्रेनों का एक आदर्श मिश्रण है। सुरम्य परिदृश्य, शांत प्रकृति और हरी-भरी पहाड़ियाँ एक यादगार यात्रा की गारंटी देती हैं।

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

One of the most popular places to visit in Darjeeling, DHR is approximately a 2 feet narrow gauge train track that covers the distance between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. This 88-km long railway track is best known for its toy train which gushes amid the misty hill side and offers absolutely gorgeous views of the valley. 

Tiger Hill

The most famous mountain peak in Darjeeling, Tiger Hill is known for its trekking routes and panoramic views of Mount Everest and Kangchenjunga.

Batasia Loop

This is an enchanting toy train route that was brought into existence to reduce the height of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Nestled amidst lush green mountains, the Batasia Loop offers scenic views of the valley and the snowy abode of Mount Kangchenjunga.

Sandakphu Trek

If we have convinced you that Darjeeling is purely a tourist destination, then it is far from the truth. Due to Darjeeling's position in the foothills of the Himalayas, you can find a number of excellent trekking routes around the city; Sandakphu is one of the popular ones.

Darjeeling Rangit Valley Ropeway

The beautiful hill station of Darjeeling is best viewed via its special ropeway. From exquisite landscapes, lush tea gardens, lush forests, breathtaking flora and fauna to the snow-capped mountain peaks of Everest and Kangchenjunga, one can witness the beauty of Darjeeling in all its glory!


Rimbik is a small town located in the Singalila National Park area in Darjeeling. It is famous for its trekking routes and gradually gaining popularity among unconventional travelers.

Rock Garden Darjeeling

A serene masterpiece nestled amidst hills. Crafted with rocks, waterfalls, and flowers, offering tranquility, breathtaking views, and a harmonious blend of nature and artistry.

Singalila National Park

Located at an elevation of more than 7,000 feet above sea level, Singalila National Park is the highest national park in the town. The splendorous views of the valley from this place also make it one of the most unique places to visit in Darjeeling.

Happy Valley Tea Estate

An area sprawling 437 acres, Happy Valley Tea Estate is one of the major places to see in Darjeeling.  The place is home to one of the highest tea factories in the world.