Bikini Beaches in Maldives to Flaunt That Beach Bod!

Bikini Beach, Maafushi

This Bikini Beach is part of a public beach in Maafushi that is restricted to locals. However, locals are not allowed in the Bikini Beach area, so you will only meet tourists here.

Bikini Beach, Rasdhoo

This Bikini Beach is one of the largest beaches in the country and is extremely beautiful. Rasdhoo beach boasts of a large, pristine white sandy area where you can stroll hand in hand with a loved one, and bask in the glory of the sun.

Bikini Beach, Gaafaru Local Island 

Gaafaru promises a unique experience as the island is mostly populated by locals. You are assured of an authentic Maldivian experience, complete with adventurous explorations on land and in the ocean.

Picnic Island Beach

Located on a private resort island, this beach is open to non-resident tourists for an entry fee. 

Dhigurah Beach

Dhigurah Beach is popular for its beautiful diving sites, where you are bound to bump nose into a whale shark. Located in the small Dhigurah Island, it offers you a lot of privacy as it is not very populated.

Bikini Beach, Dhangethi

Located close to Dhigurah, this island is also a hotspot for marine life. The Bikini Beach area is secluded, which gives you ample privacy to flaunt your beach bod in peace.